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NorthStar Perinatal

Education and training for the perinatal year for parents and professionals


For Parents

Providing families with comprehensive and holistically focused education.  Women and their families will learn about the normal physiology of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. They will understand the mind-body connection, how to make decisions that are right for their families and gain tools for their toolbox. Mothers and fathers will be able to connect with each other and with their babies. They will learn life skills that will help them navigate the journey to parenthood. 

For Professionals

My mission: Providing training with a holistic perspective. A perspective that sees all aspects of the motherbaby. Encouraging physical wellness and knowledge. Sharing wisdom that encourages the innate intelligence of the motherbaby. Validating the emotional aspect that can lead to a deeper understanding and knowing. Acknowledging the spiritual practices and beliefs of families and the importance and foundation that it provides. To provide opportunities and connections, confidence and collaborations, all from the heart.

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