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Perinatal and Infant Support Specialist


Perinatal and Infant Support Specialists will support women and families in their community with a heart of service. They are autonomous and independent and can support families in making the choices that are right for them as they start their journey. 

They may also provide prenatal and parenting education to provide families opportunities to connect with others in their community and gain knowledge on their options and choices for the perinatal year. 


Along with sharing the knowledge and wisdom of the childbearing years, the Perinatal and Infant Support Specialist will advocate for woman's, babies and families wellness and support in their own communities.  

They may create woman's or family circles to connect families with each. They may be involved with local groups, markets and so much more. 

Education and training for the professional during the perinatal year

Vision: To create a community of perinatal specialists that are a source of information, knowledge, and wisdom; guiding and supporting families on the journey of pregnancy through to parenting.


Caring- Feeling and showing consideration and empathy for those we serve

Compassion- knowing our clients and treating them fairly and justly

Confidence- acting in a right, proper and effective way

Communication- learning and knowing our clients and being open and honest with them

Consistency- being reliable, in harmony and in agreement with our clients

Connection- understanding our clients and they, knowing our beliefs and philosophies

My foundation:

QAVAH is a philosophy that my parents used as they worked with horses and people. It is a way of being confident, to trust, to meet, patient and to wait.

DIAKONEO meaning to actively serve – literally, "kicking up dust" because "on the move." and it means caring for the needs of others as the Lord guides in an active, practical way.

and of course

DOULOS(where the word doula is from) meaning "bondservant.". A bondservant is a slave who becomes a freeman yet still chooses to give up her personal rights of freedom to stay and serve a master. A decision that she is willing to take for the rest of her life.

Moto: Education and training for the professional during the perinatal year

Behavior guidelines for specialists may include:

  • Validate, motivate, and educate women and her family during pregnancy, labour, birth and the postpartum period

  • Understand the range of normal physiology of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and infants and know when to suggest referral to a care-provider

  • Initiate and celebrate with women and their families as they become mothers

  • Provide education and promote well-being related to childbearing and parenting for woman, families, and communities

  • Educate and support women in making decisions for their own family, during pregnancy, labour, birth, and the postpartum period

  • Communicate effectively with the woman, her family

  • Build a collaborative relationship with a woman and her families. To have the ability to develop, maintain, and strengthen partnerships with others who can provide information, assistance, and support.

  • Convey confidence in a woman’s ability to meet challenges, to understand her own responsibility, authority, and freedom to decide how she will accomplish her goals

  • Provide continuity of support throughout the perinatal period

  • Promote and support normal birth

  • Set and maintain high ethical & personal standards. Paying close attention to detail, accuracy, and completeness. Showing concern for all aspects of the work and follow up; provide information about care alternatives including options, risks and benefits, and support the client in decision-making.

  • Communicate to clients’ own boundaries and abilities. Being trustworthy and reliable

  • Maintain autonomy and self-development. Learning lessons from experiences and steering one’s own development process. Work on own development purposively

  • Being able to adapt and deal with change

  • Having integrity by sharing complete and accurate information as well as maintaining confidentiality. Meets own commitments. Always doing the best in whatever circumstances are presented


In this course you will learn the heart of support for women and families in the perinatal year. 

An all encompassing course that gives you a connection between all the parts of support in the perinatal year.

  • You will learn to teach prenatal, breastfeeding and postpartum classes.

  • You will learn to provide direct support for birth and breastfeeding.

  • You will learn how to build and manage your business.

  • You will learn how to provide client care based on love and integrity.

  • You will be able to support your clients with a holistic, whole woman view using skills and knowledge of herbs, nutrition, body work, soul work and other modalities. You will even learn about placenta services that you can integrate into your business.


You can choose to offer some or all of these modalities depending on your own individual circumstances and choices. By learning and understanding all the details of motherbaby support you will have more knowledge and understanding of the intricate weaving of a woman’s journey through motherhood.

You will specialize in holistic and comprehensive support and services in the perinatal years.

A few of the highlights of this training program include:

  • Support for the mother, her partner and surrounding family to ensure the memory of the birth experience is positive and protected.

  • Provide care using a holistic approach, using a variety of  modalities to support physical, spiritual and mental wellness

  • Provide prenatal, labour and early postpartum support.

  • Provide physical, emotional, spiritual  comforting measures using all the senses.

  • Helping mothers and families make informed choices based on their own beliefs and values.

  • Creating a positive atmosphere for bonding between baby, mom, and all other family members.

  • Training in breastfeeding, early infant care and nutrition.

  • Providing resources and additional supports if needed.

  • Using ethics and trauma informed care to support each family individually. 

  • This training incorporates knowledge of traditional birthing practices 


Time commitment:

  • This course is a blended course with online, video instruction and an in person skills workshop. 

  • 9 months instruction with weekly video classes and assignments

  • An in person 3-day skills workshop will be required for P.A.I.S.S 1

  • Students have a year from their start date to complete all their requirements

How you can use your certificate as a PERINATAL AND INFANT SUPPORT SPECIALIST (PAISS)?

  • Provide pregnancy and birth support and services

  • Provide breastfeeding support 

  • Provide postpartum support and services

  • Provide parent education in pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum

  • Support staff in environments where they are supporting women, families, children will find this course very relevant to educating and supporting families in all situations.


If you are looking for a different type of training sign up today!


  • Course fee: $300 non refundable registration fee  $1500 tuition fee, this includes:

       online access to the course for 1 year

       weekly live classes

       student kit with products and materials

       one on one support

  • In person birth skills lab: $250, students are required to attend one to complete the course

  • Other: required books and materials will vary in price. contact for more information


Payment plans available! Message me to find out more


2024 Training
Register by November
 15th for 15% off!

The next cohort begins January 1st

 registration beginning November 1st  2023.
Application link here
EMAIL if you have any questions


We are an 

AAM Community

Birth School Partner

A Community Birth School™ is your local birth education connection. Schools partner with AAM® to provide a time-tested curriculum while local resources and issues are covered with students to create a true community school. Because birth belongs to families.


Our Goal

To create a community of perinatal specialists that are a source of information, knowledge, and wisdom; guiding and supporting families on the journey of pregnancy through to parenting.


We seek to help create  communities where woman and families feel support and have access to information and services for the year surrounding birth.


We aim to provide knowledge and education that will promote the well-being of childbearing and parenting for woman, families, and communities.


We focus on holistic well-being of the motherbaby, including their physical, mental and spiritual sides. With wise woman knowledge and traditions we  share wisdom that encourages the innate intelligence of the motherbaby.

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