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This shot is supposed to empathise a metaphor of the baby that was inside the womb and now

A course for parents in the perinatal year

IN-PERSON and ONLINE courses

The Perinatal Year

Confidence. Connection. Courage

In this course you will gain confidence as you make decisions and choices from pregnancy to being a new mother. You will learn how to connect to your family, friends and those you choose to support your in your journey. You will find the courage to do what you need for yourself and your baby. 

This is a foundational prenatal to postpartum course for parents.  It is designed for pregnant women and I encourage them to work through the course with their partner or a support person. This series is ideal if you are looking for a more holistic approach to childbirth. You will learn basic life skills for supporting wellness throughout the perinatal year using a variety of modalities.

This course will help prepare you for the physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period using various philosophies and techniques.  This self-paced course can help  prepare for the birthing journey, find a roadmap and fill your toolbox with helpful resources.

This online course has 5 units with 4 classes in each unit. You will be able to choose to take the whole course, pick 3 or just do one unit at a time. This gives you flexibility to pick which stage of pregnancy or postpartum you would like to learn so it is most relevant. You also have the flexibility to finish each unit at your own pace.

Once signed up you will have access for 1 year.


1. Growing a motherbaby

Pregnancy wellness


Class 1 : Development for the motherbaby

Learn about what is going on for the mother, the baby and the placenta

Class 2:  Wellness during pregnancy. Understanding how nutrition, fitness and a healthy lifestyle will support growth and help with the birth process and postpartum

Class 3: Using your BRAINS: Learning how to ask questions and learn more about different aspects of prenatal care

Class 4: Practical tips for pregnancy

2. The beautiful birth process

Confidence for birthing


Class 1 : How birth unfolds

exploring the amazing ability of a woman's body to birth her baby

Class 2:  The hormonal blueprint

How to support a mother's innate ability in birthing

Class 3: Using your BRAINS: How to make decisions and choices during the birth process and what to do when the unexpected happens

Class 4: Practical skills for the birth process. What can your partner do, how to communicate and more

3. A families first year

Thriving in the postpartum

Mother and Baby_edited.jpg

Class 1 : The first moments. Learning what is happening with baby as they move from the womb to the world

Class 2:  The first 40 days. What the motherbaby needs to heal and connect in the early days and weeks.

Class 3: Supporting wellness in the '4th trimester'.

Class 4: Practical tips for preparing, planning and thriving in the postpartum.

4. Breastfeeding Basics

Nursing for the motherbaby

images (1).jfif

Class 1 : The basics of how and why breastfeeding works

Class 2: Getting off to the best start. How to prepare for the breastfeeding journey.

Class 3: Breastfeeding starts where the mother and baby meet. Understanding the motherbaby dyad. 

Class 4: Challenges and how to meet them

5. Baby's first year

Leaps and bounds


Class 1 : Understanding your newborn. Eating, sleeping and communicating.

Class 2: Growth and development in the first year

Class 3: Parents expectations.

Class 4: Practical skills and tips for your new baby.

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